Egypt’s finest artists exhibited in Artspace Dubai

Farah Montasser, Wednesday 3 Aug 2011

Omar Nagdi, among a number of Egyptian modern and contemporary artists, are featured at Art Space Gallery in Dubai

Omar El Nagdi

Dedicated to present modern and contemporary arts of the Middle East, Artspace Gallery in Dubai features some of Egypt’s finest contemporary artists, including Adel El Siwi, Omar El Nagdi, Adam Henein, Nadine Hammam, Khaled Hafez, Islam Zaher and George Bahgoury.

Begun 1 August and running til the end of September, Artspace Gallery showcases a selection of works by modern and contemporary Middle Eastern artists, with a focus on calligraphic works. “Works of Omar Nagdi, among some other Arab artists is being featured,” says Nabeela Ismail, the gallery's business development coordinator. Participating in this gallery as well are Arab artists Alaa Ismail, Hussein Mahdi and Kamal Boullata.

“Every month we hold a new exhibition, which sometimes include group shows.  Last month’s exhibition featured Adel El Siwi, Omar El Nagdi, Kamal Boullata, Joe Kesrouani, Islam Zaher and Hussein Madi,” Ismail tells Ahram Online.

Egyptian sculptor, director, musician and philosopher Omar El Nagdi reveals a preoccupation with symbolic design in his paintings through the use of expressive textures and tonal contrast. According to Artspace Gallery, Nagdi’s works of the 1960s and 70s were especially based on the forms of Arabic calligraphy. His compositions are formed entirely on the repetition of the Arabic numeral one, which is indistinguishable from the first letter of the alphabet, Alef.

Describing audience response to the art of the Egyptian artists throughout last month and the one that just started, Ismail says, “the response is very good, as it was a group show with well known and less well known artists - both modern and contemporary, a mixture of artists who are Masters of the Middle East, including Siwi, Madi, Zaher and Nagdi.” Ismail also praises works of other artists from the Arab world participating in the Artspace programme, including Boullata and Kesrouani.

Catering to the taste and trends of the sophisticated, Dubai art market and the gallery's discerning, worldwide collector base, “Artspace plans on participating in Marrakech Art Fair at the end of September,” says Ismail. “We will be showing artists Adam Henein, Adel El Siwi and Hussein Mahdi.”

The gallery will feature a solo exhibition of Iraqi artist Monif Ajaj in October, and in November, the gallery will once again dedicate its venue to Egyptian artist Adel El Siwi for his own exhibition.

Artspace Gallery was founded in 2003. Located at The Gate Village, Building 3 of Dubai International Financial Centre, Artspace is dedicated to promotion of Contemporary Middle Eastern Art and Artists. The gallery's diverse clientele includes private collectors, art consultants, corporate art consultants, architects, interior designers as well as business-people, government, diplomatic and social VIPs. Every three weeks, artists’ works are exhibited, ranging from paintings to sculpture.  Having dedicated the past five years to promoting and establishing contemporary Middle Eastern arts in the region, Artspace Gallery now boasts a portfolio of over 20 artists.



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