A thousand painted maps of Vienna at the Palace of Arts

Ahram Online, Monday 5 Sep 2011

The exhibition symbolises a unique connection between Cairo and the Austrian capital through a series of impressive paintings

During his stay in Vienna as “Artist in Residence," the Egyptian Ashraf Ibrahim was fascinated by city maps, rarely used in Egypt, but are indispensable for Europeans. In an original and creative way, he transforms seemingly simple orientation guides into exceptional pieces of art. The painted-over maps impress with their diversity of symbols, patterns and colours.

The exhibition of over a thousand maps is accompanied by a video installation. Both reflect the artist’s memories, ideas and feelings while far away from his homeland of Egypt. The artwork symbolises a unique connection between Vienna and Cairo, building a bridge of mutual understanding between the two cultures.

Searching their way through the renowned labyrinthine Palace of Arts, visitors will have the opportunity to make their own journey through Ashraf Ibrahim’s Memory Maps and simply be “art-mazed.”

The exhibition will open on Monday 12 September at 7 pm, at the Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera grounds, Zamalek. The exhibition will run until 22 September.

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