Georges Bahgory at ALMASAR Gallery

Monday 3 Jan 2011

ALMASAR Gallery announces the opening of its highly anticipated exhibition of Georges Bahgory on January 16

Georges Bahgory

"As the lips of the brush touch the surface on the canvas, a kiss is blown, and when you add color to the line, the palette cheers.

I stand a metre or two away from a new painting and enjoy the first dimension to the second, to the third, to the third and to the fourth.

I return the next day adding the harmony to find myself the painting's only onlooker and it takes me by surprise as if I have fogotten and ask myself 'who has drawn this and who has added the colours?'

I become its creator and its first onlooker and then I shout, so deeply, 'Bravo, I did it!'

This is my adventure from morning to night in a studio in Ivry, Paris. I start the painting after my morning coffee and it ends as the squeaking birds go back to their trees in the middle of the woods that surround me."

[Georges Bahgory, 2011. Artist's Statement - from ALMASAR website]


Georges Bahgory, born in 1955, a renowned Egyptian artist, studied Art at the Fine Arts in Zamalek and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. His works are displayed in many galleries in Egypt and aborad.

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