'Shift Delete 30' challenges artist's traditional role

Ahram Online, Tuesday 3 Jan 2012

Exhibition at Saad Zaghloul Centre reassess 30 years of artistic expression through deletion, addition and reformulation

Shift Delete 30

An exhibition re-evaluating the role of the artist and looking back over the past 30 years of local artistic development will open in Cairo’s Saad Zaghloul Centre on 10 January.

The exhibition, entitled “Shift Delete 30,” along with a series of panel discussions, is being organised by young Egyptian artists operating under the auspices of the culture ministry’s fine arts division. The exhibition also enjoys the support of the Out of the Circle Initiative.

The project attempts to reassess the past thirty years of artistic expression through deletion, addition or reformulation of the artist’s traditional role. Through this process, local artists attempt to redefine themselves by finding a logical and systematic evaluation of the period in question.

Participating artists include Ahmed Abd El-Fattah, Ahmed El-Samrah, Amr Amer, Bassem Yousri, Ibrahim Saad, Islam Kamal, Mohamed Abdullah, Mohamed Ezz, Mohamed Mohsen, Mustafa El-Bana, Osama Dawoud, Osama A. Moneim and Tamer Shaheen

Shift Delete 30 will run from Tuesday, 10 January at 8pm until 30 January at the Saad Zaghloul Centre’s Beit El-Uma in Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district.

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