In Photos: Second Sculpture Salon at the Palace of Arts

Soha Elsirgany , Monday 24 Sep 2018

The Sculpture Salon in it's second edition features 57 artists

sculpture salon
2nd Sculpture Salon at the Palace of Arts (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

The 2nd Sculpture Salon, which will run at the Palace of Art until 7 October, features the work of 57 artists from different generations and styles.

The artists are nominated by the salon's organizing committee, working under the Fine Arts sector, and were chosen based on their previous works of distinct art pieces and notable presence on the scene.

The featured artists are at different stages of their careers, from established artists to mid-career and young and rising artists, to showcase the best of what the contemporary sculpture scene has to offer.

Most of them have been featured at previous editions of the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium and have gone on to have successful careers and solo exhibitions.

 Among the participating artists are Ahmed Karaaly, Ahmed Magdy, Maged Mikhail, Reem Osama, Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla, Shaimaa Darwish, Abdalmageed Ismail, Ayman Saadawy, Neveen Farghaly, Gamal Abdelnasser, Nathan Doss, Hany Faisal, and Eman Barakat.

The materials used in the pieces range from cardboard, to bronze, to metal scraps and everything in between, most of which stand within the range of one meter.

The exhibition is also honouring the work of three renowned late sculptors: Kamal Ebeid, Abdelhady El-Weshahy, and Farouk Ibrahim.

Their works are displayed upon entry in the first hall of the Palace of Arts, while the other pieces are distributed on the other three floors.

Bronze sculptures by Nathan Doss (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Marble sculpture by Ahmed Karaaly (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Paper and cardboard sculpture by Hazem El-Mistikawy (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Polyester sculpture by Ehab El-Labban(Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Bronze sculpture by Sayeda Khalil(Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Bronze and granite sculpture by Ayman El-Saadawy(Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Polyester sculpture by Gamal Abdelnasser (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

Marble sculpture by Hany Faisal (Photo: Soha Elsirgany)

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