Rountable discussion on 'In Print' exhibition at Townhouse Gallery

Ahram Online, Thursday 16 Feb 2012

Cairo's Townhouse Gallery for Contemporary Arts hosts artist talk in the form of a discussion including artist Ganzeer, Mohamed El-Shahed and the Toktok team to discuss their publications

On Saunday 19 Feburary, Towhouse Gallery will host a roundtable discussion with the artists and publishers behind its current exhibition 'In Print,' including publications Zein El-Arab, TokTok and Cairo Observer. In addition to the talk they will be launching the second issue of Ganzeer and Nidal El-Khairy's Zine El-Arab publication. There will also be time for audience members to ask questions and engage in the discussion.

Zein El-Arab is an Arabic-language publication featuring visual and text-based contributions from the Arab world. Published quarterly, the zine is also made possible for print at home for every contributor and follower to print and distribute to their own extent. Readers are even encouraged to make their own interventions in the pages before distribution if they choose. The first issue was launched in November 2011. 

TokTok is produced as a result of a collaboration between eight different Egyptian artists (Andil, Tawfi2, Shenawy, Makhlouf, Hisham Rahma, Khaled Ab3ziz, Mona Sonbol, and Anwar), many of whom are professional cartoonists at Egyptian newspapers. The comic is a
n artist-produced review of non-traditional, satirical and socially-engaged comic strips. The fifth issue of the comic was launched in Townhouse in January 2012. 
Cairo Observer was initiated by architectural historian Mohamed El-Shehad first emerging as an online platform for contributions on urban Cairo from an architectural perspective. The first print publication based on online version is set to come out early this spring as an Arabic-language edition, featuring articles, diagrams and commentary by a variety of architects, writers and practitioners. The aim is to take it offline in order to broaden the spectrum of the conversation to a more accessible forum by the inhabitants of the city itself.
The talk will start at 7pm in the Townhouse Library, 10 Nabrawy Street, off Champollion Street, Downtown Cairo.
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