Ibrahim El Haddad exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery

Tuesday 11 Jan 2011

After many years living and working in Switzerland, Ibrahim El Haddad returns with a series of small-sized works on paper as well as big formats. The exhibition opens on 16 January

Ibrahim El Haddad

An exhibition with works by Ibrahim El Haddad will open on 16 January at the Mashrabia Gallery. It will run until 10 February.

"We see nothing truly until we understand it. And for me the real key for seeing, understanding and making an art work is honesty. As van Gogh once wrote: 'Man is not on this earth only to be happy, he is here to be simply honest, he is here to realise great things for humanity'." (Ibrahim El Haddad, December 2010)


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, 8, Champollion St., Downtown - Cairo
Opening hours: Daily except Friday 11 am - 8 pm

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