Graffiti during lockdown: Banksy’s stencilled rats are now running amok around the artist’s bathroom

Reuters , Saturday 18 Apr 2020

While staying at home, the famed street-artist does not put away his paints

Graffiti 1


Street-artist Banksy has followed official advice to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis by creating a new artwork in his bathroom that shows his trademark stencilled rats running amok around the sink and toilet.

The elusive artist posted photos of the work on his Instagram site on Wednesday, along with the comment: “My wife hates it when I work from home.”

Banksy, whose identity remains a secret, uses the site to authenticate murals after they are painted in public locations, most recently in the English cities of Bristol and Birmingham.

The new work, like much during lockdown, can only be experienced online.

It shows stir-crazy rats squeezing a tube of toothpaste, hanging off the light switch, unravelling loo rolls and urinating over the toilet seat.

Works by Banksy have rocketed in value. His painting of chimps sitting in Britain’s parliament sold for more than $12 million in October, a record price at auction for his work.





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