Do not miss 3D virtual tours of Egyptian museums and exhibitions

Ahram Online , Saturday 9 May 2020

The 3D virtual tours of many cultural locations and exhibitions are part of the Culture Gate website operating under Egypt's culture ministry

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The Culture Gate website operating under the Egyptian Ministry of Culture has launched numerous 3D virtual tours to museums and exhibitions, walking the viewers through the many gems of the Egyptian arts.

The virtual tours are one of three segments forming the Culture Gate. The other two segments are dedicated to literature and cultural discussions presented in video format, and art-related publications are available for download in pdf format.

The Culture Gate website is part of the ministry's ‘Culture Between Your Hands’, an initiative launched to showcase arts and culture through online tools. Among the initiative's platforms is a YouTube channel where the ministry uploads concerts and theatre and dance performances.

Check the museums and exhibitions 3D virtual tours below:


Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum
A biographical museum in Cairo dedicated to Gamal Abdel-Nasser (1918-1970), the former president of Egypt (1956-1970).

Mostafa Kamel Museum
A biographical museum showcasing the life of prominent Egyptian national leader Mostafa Kamel (1874-1908), alongside other important figures of the time including Mohamed Farid Pasha, professor Abdel-Rahman El-Rafie and Fathy Radwan. Read more about the museum here.

Glass Sculpture Museum
The museum was founded to commemorate Egyptian glass artist Zakareya El-Khonnani, and presenting the influence he had on his students and their works.

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41st edition of Cairo General Exhibition
A showcase of Egyptian artists held in 2020 at the Palace of Arts, located at the Cairo Opera House grounds.

30th edition of Youth Salon
An annual showcase of works by young Egyptian artists, organised at the Palace of Arts with extensions to other locations situated at the Cairo Opera House grounds

“Treasures of our Museums” exhibition at the Centre of Arts, Zamalek
Held in March 2019, the exhibition offered a glimpse into Egypt’s khedival period, with a collection of paintings and statues depicting the Mohamed Ali dynasty which ruled Egypt for nearly 150 years. Read more about the exhibition here.

10th edition of the Nile Salon for Photography
A showcase of works by young Egyptian photographers.

Cairo International Biennial of Children's Arts
Launched in 2019, the new Biennial showcased best works submitted by children aged 4-18, with a special segment dedicated to children with different abilities.

Ahmed Fouad Selim exhibition
Held at the Centre of Arts, the exhibition commemorated the life and art of Egyptian artist Ahmed Fouad Selim (1937-2009). It is worth adding that Selim founded Al-Bab Gallery, located at the Cairo Opera House grounds in 2006, where regular exhibitions showcasing his works are also being held.

20th edition of the Festival of Traditional Crafts
Held in October 2019 in Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Centre, the exhibition showcased arts and crafts from many Egyptian regions.

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