'Egypt Above All' exhibition to open Thursday

Ahram Online, Monday 23 Apr 2012

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art at the Cairo Opera House to host Ramzy Mostafa's latest 'Egypt Above All' exhibition 26 April-13 May


Renowned artist Ramzy Mostafa's 'Egypt Above All' exhibition will be open to the public at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art from 26 April until 13 May.

Salah El-Melegy, head of the Fine Arts Sector describes the exhibition as "a serious and an honest attempt by the artist, seeking an innovation to comemorate the 25 January Revolution and honour its martyrs."  

'Egypt Above All' inclues "some distinguished groups of paintings," which El-Melegy say capture a sense of genuine nationalism, unity, and solidarity among Egyptians, with the different colours and textures representing the diversity of Egyptian society.

To Mostafa, this exhibtion is "an invite to all, showcasing the importance of developing Egypt through fine arts," he states, confirming that his exhibition is his expression of the revolution and all the events that took place throughout the past year.

'Egypt Above All' will run from 26 April - 13 May at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, Cairo Opera House Grounds in El Gezira, Zamalek.

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