Minister of culture opens caricature exhibition in bank

MENA, Thursday 17 May 2012

The current and former minister of culture open an exhibition featuring 78 pieces of caricature art in the Bank for Housing and Development


Mohamed Saber Arab, the new minister of culture, along with Shaker Abdel-Hamid, former minister of culture, and Fathi El-Sebaei Mansour, board president of the Housing and Development Bank, opened a group exhibition of caricature art organised by the bank in coorperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Association for Caricaturists in the Martyr Ahmed Bassiouny Hall in the main branch of the bank.

Salah El-Meleigy, president of Fine Arts Sector, Gomaa Farahat, Ahmed Toughan, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah in addition to a group of renowned fine arts critics along with journalists and media attended.

The exhibition includes around 78 art works with the participation of a large group of Egyptian caricature artists such as Ahmed Toughan, Mostafa Huseein, Mohamed Hakem, Gomaa Farahat, Tag, Mohamed Effat, Nagy Kamel, Galal Gomaa, Yasser Geeita, Hassan Farouk, Mostafa El-Sheikh, Maher Badr, Ibrahim Lotfy, Ibrahim El-Barawy, and Amr Fahmy. There is a section of the exhibition for caricature pioneers such as Salah Jahine, Hegazy, Zohdy, and Raouf Aiad.

Arab pointed out in the press release that the exhibition is characterised by diversity, depth and vision, with its canvases reflecting folklore and social and political issues that not only express the contemporary reality of Egyptian life and its history, but also its future, that all Egyptians hope will be better than its past.

The minister added that we now are living a moment of joy, and that caricature express pressing issues. He thought that the pioneers of caricature were alone in their art, but it became clear to him that many generations of youth embraced the same art in wonderful ways.


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