Huda Lutfi: Twenty Years of Art

Tache Art Gallery, Thursday 20 Jan 2011

The Tache Art Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition with a retrospective show of the work of internationally-acclaimed Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi

Huda Lutfi: "Twenty Years of Art" on display at Tache Art

The show spans 20 years of Huda Lutfi's artistic output, starting with her earliest collages, through her evolution as a multi-disciplinary artist tackling mixed-media, painting, collage, calligraphic abstractions, sculptures and installations up to the present time. Many of Lutfi's works have rarely seen before and explore a variety of themes ranging from popular culture and globalisation, to urban dynamics, identity, gender relations and existence. Through her use of satire, paradox and humour, Lutfi implicates her audience and engages it in an interactive dialogue.

The exhibition will also include some works from Lutfi's latest photo-montage work in progress: Fragments of Street Life (2010), where she explores the great Cairo metropolis in new ways. She focuses on capturing the body language of people in public spaces around Cairo. 

Huda Lutfi's exhibition will be run from 22 January until 19 February 2011. Tache Art Gallery, Designopolis

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