Harassmap and Darb 1718 Art says 'Enough' to sexual harassment

Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Jun 2012

Darb 1718 and Harassmap, having called for submissions on the theme, present a collective exhibition encouraging women to say 'Enough'



Part of the “Ya A'ssal” initiative, where different groups are cooperating to raise awareness of sexual harassment through art, the exhibition Enough is a collaboration between Darb 1718 and Harassmap set to open on Saturday 30 June at 7pm.



The exhibition features various artists and installations tackling the subject including Mira Paree, Anka Gadasevic (Serbia), Dina Abdel Aziz, Enas Abo EL Komsan, Enas El sediek, Habeeba Sultan, Hagar, Khadija Mostafa, Menna Al Azzamy, Neveen Shalaby, Norhan Alaa, Graffiti 7arimi, Pit Becker (Germany), Noha Samir, Hela Ammar (Tunisia), Samar Al Abbasy, and Nahla El Sebaey.

Aya Mostafa, an emerging talent, will be singing during the opening night, starting 8.30pm.

This exhibition is part of a bigger initiative called 'Ya A'ssal', the main event of which will be held on 15 July in Darb 1718. The event will feature an Open Mic on sexual harassment run by Mashrou' El Mareekh, monologues of stories collected and performed by Bussy Project along with Graffiti Hareemy painting live for the evening.


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