Egypt and Mexico from above: Aerial photography exhibition at national civilisation museum

Amr Yehia, Sunday 25 Sep 2022

The exhibition titled “Mexico and Egypt from Above, a Unique Perspective” opened at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation (NMEC) Saturday and will continue through Thursday.



Within the framework of the cultural programme of the embassy of Mexico in Egypt, the country’s ambassador Jose Octavio Tripp inaugurated the exhibition by Mexican photographer Roberto Hernandez at the museum in Fustat, Cairo.

The exhibition contains aerial photographs that pair birdlike images of Mexico with natural archeological, and urban landscape views of Egypt.

During the opening, Ambassador Tripp mentioned that “Egypt and Mexico are a great civilisations and having… bilateral cultural cooperation occupies a major role between the two countries.”

Tripp noted that “during the past five years, Egypt and Mexico have cooperated in the cultural aspect, as the embassy held 40 cultural events in Cairo and Alexandria, including initiatives in literature, dance, music, cinema, theatre, photography and caricature.”

On his part, Ahmed Ghoneim, the chief executive at the NMEC, said that "The National Museum of Civilisation has become a focus of cultural attraction, as it is a civilised edifice that enjoys an international and local stature,” adding “we are working to strengthen its position on the map of world culture, through the establishment of distinguished cultural events, including concerts and singing, intellectual seminars, discussion of art and antiquities books, as well as support for education and ideas, Creativity  in the fields of arts, architecture, history and cultural heritage.”

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