Egypt's Adam Henein Prize for sculpture continues to accept entries

Ahram Online , Sunday 5 Mar 2023

Following the first call for submissions, the Adam Henein Foundation for Fine Art announced that it still encourages young sculptors to submit their works to the 7th edition of the Adam Henein Prize for sculpture

Adam Henein


The Adam Henein Foundation for Fine Art welcomes submissions until 10 March, while the celebration of the winners will take place at Hanager Arts Centre, Cairo Opera House grounds.

Aiming to motivate and encourage artists from Egypt and the Arab world under the age of 40, Adam Henein Foundation offers them an opportunity to highlight their creations and win monetary prizes.

In its seventh edition, the winner of the competition will be awarded EGP 50,000 ($1600). The second prize winner will receive EGP 30,000 ($ 1000), and the third place winner will receive a prize of EGP 20,000 ($ 650).

Named after Egypt's renowned late sculptor Adam Henein (1929-2020), the first edition of this competition was held in September 2016.

The prizes were, however, awarded to the winners in March of the following year.

This is the second call for entries following the first call earlier this year. Since the first call, 159 artists have submitted their works.

So far, 55 artists from the first call have been selected to take part in the competition. 

A list of their names can be found at the end of this article. 

One of the leading Egyptian sculptors of his generation, Adam Henein rose to prominence in the 1950s, influencing numerous younger Egyptian artists and producing a prolific oeuvre which has left an indelible mark on Egypt's cultural landscape.

He obtained a BA in Sculpture from Cairo's School of Fine Arts, and pursued training in Munich and Paris, where he lived until 1996.

"Residing in Paris for 25 years, Henein significantly grew as an artist. But brimming with nostalgia for his homeland and knowledge of his predecessors, his art was infused with a fidelity to his Egyptian roots. Henein eventually founded the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, which he headed for many years," writes Soha El-Sirgany in Henein's obiturary.

Henein’s work was exhibited in Egypt, the Arab world, Europe and the US.

With his works displayed in the world's finest museums, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre in Paris, his exhibitions catapulted him to international recognition and to awards.

In the 1990s, Henein "led the restoration of the famed Sphinx of Giza, work that won him a national decoration," AP adds.

While dedicating his life to sculpture, Henein was also interested in painting.

Henein’s paintings are abstract, featuring an earthy palette of reds, pinks, ochres and warm greys, placed to contrast the heavenly hues of chromes, greens, cobalts, azures and turquoises.

What they share with his sculptures is a secret, simple and poetic language.

In January 2014, the artist inaugurated the Adam Henein Museum at Cairo's Al-Harraniya district.

The museum is a priceless gift from the artist to the country.

In 2017, the Adam Henein Foundation established Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize.


Artists whose works have been accepted so far to the 7th Adam Henein competition:

Ibrahim Ali, Ahmed Said Jalal Haikal, Ahmed Mustafa Abbas, Alaa Emad Antar, Aya Hisham Maysara Khalil, Emman Barakat, Ayman Mustafa Hussein Abukzeem, Pierre Isaf Asharon, Tasneem Mohammed Ayad Rikabi, Doaa Abdul Shafi Abdullah, Rehab Aladdin Youssef Al-Nawawi, Reem Yasser Al-Hefnawi, Reham Mahmoud Abou Al-Azem, Zainab Sobhi Hanafi Mahmoud, Sarah Samir Ishaq Moussa, Sameh Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen Al-Mahi, Said Mansour, Salma Abbas, Samar Magdy, Suhaila Hisham Al-Nuwaishi, Susanna Sameh Albert, Shahinaz Majdi, Omar Issa, Abdul Rahman Alaa Mahmoud Al-Agouz, Essam El-Din Taha Ahmed Mohamed Ashmawi, Ola Al-Toukhi Ahmed Mohamed, Fatima Mohammed Khaled, Karim Adel Salim Abdel- Gawad, Magda Ahmed, Mohamed Abou Zaid, Mohamed Ezzat Syed Mohamed, Mahmoud Sami Kishk, Marwa Magdy Aid Abdul Ghani, Marwa Yousry, Mariam Abdel-Razek Mustafa, Maryam Maher, Mustafa Ayman Mustafa, Mustafa Mohamed Maghawry Rawash, Menna Ahmed Alexandrian, Menna Adel, Menna Massad Abdel-Razzaq Abdel-Halim, Myrna Isaac Bareh Armanious, Mirna Abdel-Fattah Ibrahim Bassiouni, Mirna Wael Mohamed, Maçon Mustafa Abdul Latif Al-Zerba, Nada Ahmed Mahmoud Ashour, Nada Raouf Ayad, Nesma Talaat Mohamed Farag, Nevin Awad Abdullah, Magdy Mohieldin, Hind Ashry, Weam Ali Omar Mohammed, Yara Khaled Ahmed Sayed.


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