Fine arts syndicate head mulls statues of Egypt revolution's fallen

MENA, Monday 6 Aug 2012

Hamdy Abu El-Maaty considers prospect of making statues depicting 'martyrs' of last year's uprising to be erected in public squares nationwide

Egyptian Fine Arts Syndicate head Hamdy Abu El-Maaty says he is currently researching the possibility of making statues depicting the "martyrs" of last year's Tahrir Square uprising, to be erected in public squares throughout the country.

"The idea is currently being discussed with several NGOs and governmental organisations," he said. "It has been on the table for quite some time."

He added that making such statues would contribute to "reshaping the social consciousness" and defying the view held by certain Islamist quarters that statues are sinful.

El-Maaty also said that that documenting the revolution via the fine arts was the same as documenting it using other art forms, be they poetry, novels or cinema.

He went on to express his appreciation of the new generation of Egyptian graffiti artists that had emerged in the wake of last year's uprising. 

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