“Come Invest in US, you'll Strike Gold”

Ahram Online, Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

Vienna hosts artwork from the Middle East and North Africa in September exhibition

The title of this exhibition, "Come Invest in Us, You’ll Strike Gold" is a quote from Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in 1999 upon his first election, promising foreign investors hefty returns. Western economic interest in the MENA region are explored in this Austria show, which brings together artists from Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Palestine, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Artists reflect on the context and consequence of transactions within and with the region, exploring subject matter that includes oil and gas drilling, real estate, flashy brands and luxury goods.

The exhibition delves into Western financial interests in the Middle East and North Africa that have come into the spotlight in recent years, particularly in the wake of the Arab Spring. It puts the effect of money, power and control on the socio-political and cultural panorama to the test.

The exhibition runs until 3 November at Brot Kunsthalle

Absberggasse 27 / Stair 1
1100 Vienna, Austria

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