Video project by late Amal Kenawy showcased at Beirut gallery

Ahram Online, Sunday 9 Sep 2012

Late Egyptian artist Amal Kenawy's 'You Will Be Killed' to be exhibited at Q Contemporary gallery in Beirut this month

On Thursday, 13 September, a Beirut gallery will exhibit a video project with the title You Will Be Killed, in which Amal Kenawy, who died 19 August aged 38 of leukemia, explores the effect of violence on man, on his relation to himself, and on his memories.

The video animation, produced by Kenawy in 2006, is made up of a string of paintings by Kenawy tackling memory, dreams and the pain that underlies imagination, set in a former British military hospital in Egypt.

This is an excerpt from Amal Kenawy’s personal statement on You Will Be Killed: “Some of the symbols in the film define the location in which a specific incident, stored in a person's memory, has taken place, while other symbols shed light on the person himself, in an attempt to explain his relationship to his surroundings. I believe that any incident in one’s life is not indicative of one's geographical whereabouts but rather of one's feelings, memories, and motives."

You Will Be Killed runs at Beirut’s Q Contemporary until 6 October.


Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm

Q Contemporary Gallery

Beirut Tower, Ground Floor, Zeitoune Street, across from Marina Beirut, Solidere

Beirut, Lebanon


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