UK's Tate galleries expand global art projects

AP, Monday 5 Nov 2012

The Tate is looking to broaden its scope and feature art from across the globe, including work from the Middle East and Africa

Britain's Tate galleries say they are looking to Africa and beyond to bring global depth to an art collection long focused on Europe and North America.

Director Nicholas Serota said Thursday that Tate had been "steadily broadening our view of from where we should be collecting," buying works from Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East. He said the Tate had set up new committees to acquire art from South Asia, Russia and eastern Europe.

Other international projects include a Tate Modern show devoted to Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi, exhibitions in Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria, and a deal with Oman to train staff for a national museum in the oil-rich Gulf state.

The Tate galleries include London's Tate Modern, visited by 5 million people.

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