Banksy's Christmas card: Israel/Palestine strife blocks holy family from Bethlehem

Ahram Online, Tuesday 11 Dec 2012

Banksy's Christmas card depicting Mary and Joseph interrupted by a Separation Wall causes a stir on social media

Christmas card designed by Banksy
Christmas card designed by Banksy

In a Christmas card designed by Banksy, an England-based graffiti artist and political activist, the holy family (Joseph and Mary) head towards Bethlehem only to find Israel's Separation Barrier, aka "the Apartheid Wall" on their way.

With Christmas approaching and the political overtones of Banksy's work, the card spread like wildfire.

One Twitter user notes, however that this piece is not new and it's re-surfacing is related to the current intensified political unrest in the Middle East.

Banksy has left his artistic mark throughout the world. His art in the form of graffiti is often political and sheds light on social issues, including injustice and corruption. Millions are awed by his poignant satirical expressions, which often bring him into conflict with the authorities.

His film Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated for an Academy Award in 2010.

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