Costumes from A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Centre of Artistic Creativity

May Selim, Wednesday 20 Nov 2013

The costumes and sets of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' will be on display in an exhibition at Cairo's Centre of Artistic Creativity

Costumes on display at the Idbaa Centre (Photo: Mohamed Hassanein)

The enchanting and imaginary world of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream is materialized through theatrical scenography and costuming. The advanced students of Studio Ibdaa (Centre of Artistic Creativity), working under the supervision of scenographer and puppeteer Nagui Shaker and stylist Naima Agami, were charged with creating these threatrics for an Egyptian exhibition of A Midsummer Nights Dream to be hosted by the centre.

The costumes and scenography maquettes are displayed at the centre's premises, presenting works by these young creative professionals.  

The exhibition was inaugurated last week, in the presence of the Minister of Culture Mohamed Saber Arab, threatre and Studio Ibdaa director Khaled Galal, and Cultural Development Fund director Mohamed Abou Seada. The opening was also attended by renowned Egyptian actors such as Sabrine, Ahmed Bedeir, Ashraf Abdul Ghafoor and Ahmed Fatouh.

View selections of the exhibition's featured works here

The exhibition will be open daily between 5pm and 8pm until 30 November at the Centre of Artistic Creativity (Markaz Al-Ibdaa) on the grounds of the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek.

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