Collective exhibit creates a 'Revolution Museum' at Cairo's Hotel Viennoise

Ahram Online, Thursday 19 Dec 2013

Four projects by contemporary Egyptian artists Hany Rashed, Ganzeer, Ahmed Hefnawy and Ammar Abu Bakr will set up a makeshift 'Revolution Museum' at Downtown's Hotel Viennoise from 23 to 29 December

'Freedom' exhibition. (Photo: courtesy of the artists)

A collective exhibition entitled "Freedom" featuring projects by four contemporary visual artists -- Hany Rashed, Ganzeer, Ahmed Hefnawy and Ammar Abu Bakr -- will open at Hotel Viennoise on Monday 23 December.

The idea for this exhibition was born of a conversation between Hany Rashed and Ganzeer which took place on 9 October 2012 – coincidentally, the anniversary of the Maspero clashes, when a military crackdown on a protest against the burning of a Christian community centre reportedly resulted in the death of 27 people.

Rashed had been working on a project to document the recent graffiti movement on the city streets when Ganzeer suggested further developing the idea to create a "Revolution Museum."

Due chiefly to political turbulence, the project was shelved for a year. The following October, visual artist Ahmed Hefnawy approached Ganzeer with the idea for a project revolving around teargas canisters.

Ganzeer then talked Hany Rashed into reviving the project. Visual artist Ammar Abu Bakr was invited to join the collective. The search for an appropriate venue led them to Viennoise, a run-down hotel located in downtown Cairo, within fitting proximity to the site of the numerous protests and clashes that took place during the past three years.

The exhibition runs until 29 December
11 Mahmoud Bassiouny St, Downtown, Cairo

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