Art Alert: Hany Rashed exhibits in Mashrabia Gallery

Ahram Online , Tuesday 8 Apr 2014

Egyptian artist Hany Rashed showcases his latest collection of works in an exhibition titled 'Toys,' opening 13 April in Mashrabia Gallery

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(Photo: Courtesy of the Mashrabia Gallery Facebook page)

Downtown's Mashrabia Gallery will be displaying the latest collection of work by Egyptian visual artist Hany Rashed in an exhibition titled 'Toys,' set to open on Sunday, 13 April and to run until 15 May.

Rashed's work is based on the premise that human freedom is always bound by limitations, hence the human being becomes a toy, shaped and moved according to society's rules and expectations. 

In 'Toys,' Rashed portrays people, buildings, vehicles and other elements we encounter from day to day, as plastic items, similar to the small figurines children play with. 

Rashed also employs a certain technique through which the objects become distorted, as if they were curtains wrinkled by the wind, emphasizing the lightness of human existence and everything it incorporates. In that manner, Rashed asks a question: When we see our lives on a smaller scale, when we envision ourselves as toys, do we still believe what we - our lives - are real? 

Sunday, 13 April at 7pm to Thursday, 15 May
Open daily (except Fridays) from 11am to 8pm 
Mashrabia Gallery, 8, Champollion St., Downtown, Cairo

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