The Cam festival screens documentations of the revolution

Ahram Online, Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

The first Cam Revolution Festival kicked off yesterday at the Artistic Creativity Center with screenings to begin today, 26 April

Cam festival

The first Cam festival will feature 32 films about the Egyptian Revolution as well as a number of lectures discussing the future of Culture in Egypt.

The festival is organized by the Arab Egyptian Association for Culture, Media and Arts and is headed by the film critic Aly Abou Shady.

During a press conference to explain the vision behind the festival, Abou Shady said that documentary films have proved their importance since the beginning of the revolution and that the festival wants to give those young and amateur filmmakers and exposure. It also aims to show different stories and perspectives of the revolution outside the perimeters of Tahrir Square as one of the films takes place in Aswan. Films are mostly shot during the uprising, however, the festival also includes short feature films. The films range in duration from one minute to twenty minutes.

The jury of the festival is headed by the director and producer Marianne Khoury and includes the actor Amr Waked and the filmmaker Youssry Nasrallah.

Abou Shady explained that they were specifically chosen because of their heavy involvement in the unfolding events of the revolution.

Two lectures will be taking place, “Egyptian Cinema. What’s next?” on 26 April and “The role of the ministry of culture in publishing and supporting films by youth” on 27 April.

The closing ceremony will be dedicated to the martyrs Ziad Bakir, Ibrahim Samir Hamdoon, Mohamed Saber Khalaf Ahmed, Mohamed Mahrous Rashad, Ibrahim Aly Saleh, Aly Mohamed Aly Amr, Zakeya Abd El Kased Mohamed, Sayed Farag, Hadeer Adel, Mahmoud Ibrahim Khafaga.

Films to be screened include:

Nafas El Horreya Bekam (How much does a breath of freedom cost) by Rafael Ayash

Masr El Thawra (Egypt, the revolution) by Hesham Ebeid

Meedan El Tahrir (Tahrir square) by Mahmoud Abou El Ela

Ahlan Bel Modaraat (Welcoming the tanks) by Mostafa Fathy

Wa Entasarat Eradat Al Shaab (And the peoples' will has triumphed) by Mohamed Abou Kalila

Ana Masry (I am Egyptian) by Magdy Amr

Elly Benna Aktar Bekteer (What’s between us is a lot more) by Alaa Magdy

Ehna Masreyeen, Mafeesh Fark (We are Egyptians there’s no difference) by Magdy Amr

Alashan Masr Mafeehash Haga Tanya (Because Egypt has nothing other than that) by Marwan Younis

Tahya Le Shohadaa Masr (A salute to the Egyptian Martyrs) by Khedr Mohamed Khedr

Etwalad Gowana Horreya (Freedom has been born inside us) by Gehad Abdel Nasser

Nebdaa? (Should we start?) by Tarek Merghany

Aswan Tezef Anshoodet El Horreya (Aswan plays the tune of freedom) by Mohamed El Ghoneimy

Kart Wasta (A favoritism card) by Adel Ammar

Ana Kont Akhras (I was deaf) by Taha Samy Thaalab

Kelmet Hak (A word of truth) by Adel El Khateeb

Kan Ya Makan (Once upon a time) by Shady El Anany

Afwan… Enaha El Yoga (Excuse me… It’s Yoga) by Shady El Anany

Kefaya (Enough) by Islam Abdel Hafez

Eed Wahda (One hand) by El Zomokhroshy Abdallah

Soura (A picture) by Islam Saaed

Dammy Fedaa Masr (My blood sheds for Egypt) by El Zomokhroshy Abdallah

Demokrateya Heya (Democracy is) by Safwan Nasr El Deen

The Birth Anew Egypt by Safwan Nasr El Deen

It’s About Time by Safwan Nasr El Deen

Kesh Malek (Check mate) by Ibrahim El Awam

Hazr Tagawol (Curfew) by Ahmed El Tanbouly

Entefadet Shaab (The uprising of a nation) by Abdel Rahman El Baz

Moody by Mahmoud El Shalakany

Hekayet Thawra (The Story of a Revolution) by Nagy Ismail

Hanetghayar We Neghayarek Ya Masr (We will change and change you, Egypt) by Magdy Amr

Mesh Selmeya (Not peaceful) by Hend Abdel Sattar

Films will be screened on 26 April at 4 pm at the Artistic Creativity Center , Cairo Opera House Grounds, Zamalek

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