PROGRAMME: Bibliotheca Alexandrina film screenings (Trailers)

Ahram Online, Thursday 28 Aug 2014

Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Arts Centre announces its cinema programme for September 2014 - local and international short films, anti-war classics and two film classes

Paths of Glory (1957)
Paths of Glory (1957), still from Trailer

Between screening short films as part of the Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries (AIFF) and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, audiences at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will be treated to home grown short films, international features as well as Oscar winning scores throughout the month of September. 

On 10, 11 and 15 September, the Bibliotheca will lend its Auditorium Hall to the 30th edition of the AIFF.

Entries from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Malta, Morocco, Algeria, Monte Negro, the Netherlands, Italy, France as well as two films from Egypt will compete in the short film category.

The Egyptian entries in this category are Mohamed El-Mihi's Friday Market and Lilian Ramzy's End of Summer Freska.

To mark the International Day of Peace and the end of WWI 100 years ago, the Bibliotheca will screen some of the most important anti-war films by cinema giants including Stanely Kubrick from 21-24 September,

The Bibliotheca will also host a film editing class as well as animation film screenings in collaboration with Chilemonos Festival, an international animation festival which began in Chile.

All screenings start at 7pm in the Auditorium Hall, except the Cinema Lesson, which starts at 6pm. Entrance is free.


Sunday 7 September: Short Films Forum

Helwan… Myself (2014)
Director: Mohammed Adel
Running Time: 15 minutes
French subtitles

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director. 

10, 11, 15 SeptemberThe Short Film Competition of AIFF

Wednesday 10 September

-- Obour (Syria, 2013)
Director: Ziad Al-Kady
Running time: 5 minutes
English subtitles

-- Behind the Smoke Screen (Netherlands/Lebanon, 2013)
Directors: Rami Al-Harayri and Niles De Groot
Running time: 18 minutes
English subtitles

-- Ismail (Palestine, 2013)
Director: Noura Al-Sherif
Running time:  13 minutes
English subtitles

-- Salma (Tunisia, 2013)
Director: Mohamed Bin Ateya
Running time: 19 minutes
French subtitles

-- The Hidden Language (Turkey, 2013)
Director: Keenan Ozir
Running time: 22 minutes
English subtitles

-- Rice and Chicken (Lebanon, 2013)
Director: Emad Ashkar  
Running time: 15 minutes
English subtitles

-- Under the Bed (Lebanon, 2013)
Director: Aleen Oueiss
Running time: 15 minutes
English subtitles

Behind the Smoke Screen - Trailer

Thursday 11 September

-- Masar (Turkey, 2014)
Director: Haisam Sizgin Kily
Running time: 16 minutes
English subtitles

-- The Ruling (Croatia, 2013)
Director: Degaro Gafran
Running time: 11 minutes
English subtitles

-- The Red Giant (Greece, 2013)
Director: Asiminil Brodro
Running time: 28 minutes
English subtitles

-- No One Wants to Die Now (Italy, 2013)
Director: Giovanni Briscoe
Running time: 20 minutes
English subtitles  

-- About Ndogo (Spain, 2013)
Director: David Moniz
Running time: 16 minutes
English subtitles

-- I Am Who I Am ... The Invention (Malta, 2013)
Director: Peter Sant
Running time: 29 minutes
English subtitles

Souk El Gomaa

Monday 15 September

-- Postcard (Morocco, 2013)
Director: Mahasen Al-Hashidi
Running time: 23 minutes
French subtitles

-- A Plastic Memory (Albania, 2013)
Director: Romina Roda
Running time: 26 minutes
English subtitles

-- Those Who Remain Standing (France, 2013)
Director: John Cita
Running time: 26 minutes
English subtitles

-- The Emigrant (Algeria, 2013)
Director: Mubarak Manar
Running time: 13 minutes
French subtitles

-- Friday Market / Souk Al-Gomaa (Egypt, 2013)
Director: Mohamed El-Mihi
Running time: 16 minutes
English subtitles

-- End of Summer Freska (Egypt, 2013)
Director: Lilian Ramzy
Running time: 8 minutes
English subtitles

-- Introduction (Monte Negro, 2013)
Director: Evan Saltik
Running time: 12 minutes
English subtitles

21-24 September, Feature Films Forum
Commemorating the International Day of Peace and the 100-year anniversary of the end of WWI

Sunday 21 September

-- All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
Director: Lewis Milestone
Running time: 130 minutes

All Quiet on the Western Front Trailer

Monday 22 September 

-- La Grande Illusion (Grand Illusion, France, 1937)
Director: Jean Renoir
Running time: 117 minutes

Tuesday 23 September

-- Paths of Glory (1957)
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Running time: 86 minutes

Paths of Glory (1957) Trailer

Wednesday 24 September

-- Uomini contro (Many Wars Ago, Italy, 1970)
Director: Francesco Rossi
Running time: 100 minutes  

Thursday 25 SeptemberCinema Lesson #4
Instructor: Rahma Montasser
The course will be taught in Arabic

Sunday 28 September: Animation Films Forum
A series of Latin films will be screened in cooperation with Chilemonos Festival, an international animation festival originally from Chile.



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