Life of famous Egyptian poet, Al Fagoumy portrayed in new film

Ahram Online, Monday 16 May 2011

Al Fagoumy, a film which revolves around the struggle and political protests of the Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm will be released in cinemas soon

Al Fagoumy is to be the first commercial film to be released in cinemas after the political events in Egypt since 25 January, announced Media Night Sun, the film’s production company.

The film, based on the life of the Egyptian poet  Ahmed Fouad Negm, known as Al Fagoumy, will be released in cinemas on 25 May.

Essam El Shamae, the director and writer will concentrate on the most important historical and revolutionary events, and Al Fagoumy’s struggle against injustice and oppression during the rule of the three Egyptian presidents in the past 50 years, mostly taken from his diary.

The emphasis is on his activities to resist the British colonisation in Egypt and later his opposition to the political state of the country. The film also captures his friendship with the late oud (pear-shaped stringed instrument)  player  El Sheikh Imam (1918-1995), who sang much of Al Fagoumy’s poetry.

The film closes with the current revolutionary events and Al Fagoumy’s role in it, with many scenes shot inside Tahrir Square.

Ahmed Fouad Negm is played by the Egyptian actor Khaled El Sawy, while Salah Abdallah takes the role of El Sheikh Imam. Other actors involved include Gihan Fadel, the Syrian Kenda Aloush and Farah Youssef.

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