Film syndicate marches in downtown Cairo against old regime

Menna Taher, Wednesday 8 Jun 2011

The film syndicate's protest march fights to prevent any member of Egypt's ousted regime from running in the syndicate elections

Cinema Syndicate protest

Members of the film industry syndicate protested Tuesday, 7 June against the participation of ousted members of the syndicate in their next elections.

The march began in Talaat Harb Square, in downtown Cairo, then went to cabinet headquarters and ended at the Supreme Council of Culture. 

"We want to get rid of all those who are related to the old regime," said Walaa Saada, a film editor and one of the most active participants in the sit-in held at the film industry syndicate. "Our upcoming elections can be considered a trial of what [Egypt’s] parliamentary elections will look like, since there will be a struggle between the members of the old regime and other candidates." 

On 10 July the film industry syndicate elections expects to see film director Aly Badrakhan running against Mohamed Fadel and the two unwanted candidates from the old regime: former syndicate head Mosaad Fouda and Mamdouh El-Leithy, head of the alliance of art syndicates.

On 17 June the actors’ syndicate will hold its elections with Ahmed Maher running against Ashraf Abdel Ghaffour and the ousted former head of the syndicate, Ashraf Zaky.

On 14 June the lawyers’ syndicate will meet to raise the issue of the participation of the members of the dismantled National Democratic Party in Egyptian politics today. 

They have also released a statement condemning the participation of ousted members in their syndicate elections.

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