Ex-wife of Egyptian dissident poet blogs her discontent with the movie Al Fagoumy based on his life

Ahram Online, Sunday 26 Jun 2011

Safinaz Kazem, ex-wife of Ahmed Foad Negm, and poet and critic is furious at his depiction in the biopic Al Fagoumy, currently showing in cinemas

Safinaz Kazem describes the film Al Fagoumy, which revolves around the life of her ex-husband, the famous dissident poet Ahmed Foad Negm, as a defamation of respected figures.

In her blog she compares Foad Negm’s memoirs to the film Al Fagoumy, on which it based.

“In his memoirs he chooses an eloquent, clever language, which recounts his flings in an unassuming manner,” she wrote, adding that Essam El-Shamaa’s film failed to live up to that with its cheap sexual scenes and the incompatible footages of the January 25 Revolution.

Kazem also asserts that actor Khaled El-Sawy’s character in the film does not have any relation to Ahmed Fouad Negm, nor does Salah Abdallah project the right impression of El-Sheikh Imam, the composer and oud player, who is Fouad Negm’s musical partner and friend.

Safinaz Kazem was portrayed in the film but instead of being outright about her identity the screenplay renamed her Mahitab, played by Kenda Aloush.

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