Khaled Abdalla in film by Egyptian director

Menna Taher, Saturday 11 Dec 2010

The actor Khaled Abdalla (The Kiterunner, Green Zone) has finished shooting The Last Days of the City, his first film by an Egyptian director

Khaled Abdalla
Khaled Abdalla in The Last Days of the City

The Last Days of the City, now in post-production phase, is the first feature length film by director Tamer El-Said starring Egyptian international actor Khaled Abdalla. It is produced by Zero Production, an independent production company set up in 2007.  

The film revolves around a filmmaker in his mid-30s who is losing everything he loves and reminiscing about a childhood when Cairo and Egypt seemed brighter. It also relays the stories of his friends from Iraq and Lebanon, and is shot in Cairo, Baghdad, Beirut and Berlin. It is about lost hopes and unfulfilled dreams and incorporates real life stories and events.

Tamer El-Said has directed several short films and documentaries. He won awards for his short film Yom El-Etnein (On a Monday) about an old married couple who rediscover their relationship, while his documentary Take Me is about a Moroccan group of men who were kidnapped, tortured and held in isolation during their days of activism.

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