Memorial for famed Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine cancelled

Sayed Mahmoud, Tuesday 26 Jul 2011

Youssef Chahine's niece states that the memorial for the third anniversary of his death has been cancelled due to instability in Egypt

On the eve of the third anniversary of the death of Youssef Chahine, film director and producer, Marianne Khoury, Chahine’s niece, told Ahram Online that the family would visit his grave and that there will not be a celebration memorial, as scheduled, seeing that the situation in Alexandria is unstable.

Youssef Chahine passed away at the age of 82 on 27 July 2008 after falling into a coma for six weeks. He was buried in the Catholic Roman graves in Alexandria, the city that he immortalised through many of his films.

His career began with the film Baba Amin in 1950 and a year later Ibn El Nile (The Son of the Nile), which was screened in Cannes. From then, he established himself as one of the most famous and influential filmmakers in the Arab world.

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