TV series aired this Ramadan face numerous lawsuits

MENA, Thursday 11 Aug 2011

A raft of shows, including El-Rayan, El-Sahroura and Monsieur Ramadan Mabrook Abou El-Alamein Hamouda have run into legal problems this Ramadan


As the makers of Ramadan television series await the responses of audiences, many have received lawsuits against them.

The first lawsuit was filed against the actor Mohamed Heneidy, scriptwriter Youssef Maaty and producer Tamer Morsy by the Teachers’ Syndicate for the series Monsieur Ramadan Mabrook Abou El-Alamein Hamouda. The syndicate accused the three of defaming the profession of teaching, urging that screening of the series be stopped. 

A lawsuit was also filed against El-Shahroura, which is based upon the life of the Lebanese singer and actress Sabah.The Lebanese singer Fayrouz and her daughter Rima El-Rahbany filed a lawsuit against the series and have demanded that any parts featuring Fayrouz or her husband Asy El-Rahbany be taken out.  

The production company has denied that a lawsuit was filed against them. The producer of the series, Sadek Sabah, has stated that they have not been named in any suit.

Meanwhile, lawyer Abdel Hameed Shaalan reportedly filed a suit against the series Keid El-Nessa, starring Somaya El Khashab and Fifi Abdo, for obscenity and including revealing clothing not appropriate for the holy month of Ramadan. He also criticised the song from the promo that was aired on numerous channels.

The scriptwriter of the series, Hussein Mostafa Moharram, denied writing the lyrics of the song, saying it does not reflect what the series is about while adding that he is not against it. He said that the series addresses the social relations between women, like between the first and the second wife, the sister and her sister in-law, the father-daughter relationship, and friendships.

The scriptwriter Nader Khalifa also filed a complaint against the producer of Ehna El-Talaba (We are the Students) on issues of copyright. Khalifa had proposed the idea to the producer named but was turned down. The series was later written by Ahmed Eissa.

The television series El-Rayan, meanwhile, has infuriated businessman and owner of the companies Ahmad El-Rayan who sought legal redress for defamation. El-Rayan has accused the production company involved of distorting history by depicting him as a member of State Security, which he says is false.

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