Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician at the Toronto International Film Festival

Ahram Online and TIFF, Friday 26 Aug 2011

The 36th Toronto International Film Festival announced that the Egyptian documentary, Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician, will be included in their official selection


Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician, directed by three Egyptian directors will be screened during this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which will take place between 8 and 18 September in Canada. The film will be shown within the section of "Mavericks from the World."

The film is on the events of the Egyptian revolution, but from three different perspectives and portrayed in three different chapters.

The first chapter, directed by Tamer Ezzat, titled "The Good," revolves around the revolutionaries. The second part, "The Bad," directed by Ayten Amin, sheds light on Egypt's police force. The third chapter, directed by Amr Salama, centres on the politicians who were the target of the uprising.

"In this special Mavericks presentation, the screening will be followed by a conversation with two of the Cairo-based filmmakers, Ezzat and Amin, who will offer their personal reflections on the changes taking place in their country," reads the TIFF programme.

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