Comedy film about Egypt's revolution, Tak Tak Boom, opens and is promptly pirated

Ahram Online, Saturday 3 Sep 2011

One of the Eid holiday films, Tak Tak Bom, starring the famous comedy actor Mohamed Saad, has already appeared on web sites after its second day in theatres

Only two days after being released in cinemas, the film Tak Tak Boom by Ashraf Fayek has been pirated.

The film revolves around a man living in one of Egypt’s shantytowns during the events of the 18-day popular uprising that ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

When the government paid thugs to terrorise Egyptians out of revolting, civilians countered by setting up neighbourhood committees to protect their homes and apartment buildings. Residents sat on the streets overnight in shifts with whatever weapons they had and set up check points for cars.

The film follows a man, played by the comedy actor Mohamed Saad, as he encounters different situations as he's participating in one of the committees.

Ironically enough, the film is produced by Isaad Younis, who held many campaigns against pirating.

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