Coalition for Independent Culture condemns detention of cinema student

Ahram Online, Sunday 2 Oct 2011

The Coalition for Independent Culture has called on the minister of culture to intervene in the case of Fady Mostafa Said El Sawy, who was arrested 9 September, near the Israeli embassy on the night it was ransacked

The Coalition for Independent Culture has called for the release of Fady Mostafa Said El-Sawy, a third-year student at the Higher Institute for Cinema, who was arrested three weeks ago on the night of the storming of the Israeli embassy.

The coalition is urging Minister of Culture Emad Abou Ghazi to intervene in the case.

According to a statement released by the coalition, Fady has been working during his summer vacation in UNI agency, which is located near the police headquarters in Giza, close to the Israeli Embassy. Fady was arrested randomly, while there by coincidence.

Fady’s family was surprised to find out that he was taken to military prison and faces several charges, including carrying explosives and violating a public institution.

The coalition's statement notes that the agency where Fady works has provided official proof that he was at work during the events, yet the officer in charge of the investigation refused to see the document or listen to a lawyer and ordered his detention for 15 days while under investigation.

On 20 September, Fady was referred to State Security Investigation (SSI) emergency detention and is being held for another 15 days.

The coalition called for Abou Ghazi to intervene so Fady could return to his family and start his academic year on time.

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