Three film festivals to take place in Egypt's tourism hubs

Ahram Online, Tuesday 4 Oct 2011

With the Cairo International Film Festival cancelled this year, cities normally associated with tourism are planning to hold their own events

According to the German News Agency DPA, three festivals will take place in the tourist destinations Hurghada, Luxor and Sharm El-Sheikh in the next few months.

The film festival planned to take place in Hurghada in December will feature African and European films and will be prepared by the Egyptian Association for Film Writers and Critics. The festival will be headed by the critic and screenwriter Waleed Seif.

The Luxor film festival, which will be the city’s first, will concentrate on African cinema and will be held in February 2012 with the screenwriter Sayed Foad at its helm. The films will be chosen by a committee that includes the Egyptian filmmakers Saad Hindawy and Hala Khalil.

Sharm El-Sheikh's festival, also the first of its kind in the city, should be held in the coming months and will be headed by the actor Mahmoud Kabil.

This year, the Ministry of Culture cancelled Egypt's main film festivals such as the Cairo International Film Festival and the Egyptian National Film Festival as well as the Ismailiya Film Festival for short films and documentaries. The decision was attributed to the ministry's tight budget and the current political instability in the country.

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