Film about female homosexuality in Egypt to premiere at Marrakesh Film Festival

MENA and Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Nov 2011

Saratan El-Asr El-Gedeed (Cancer of the New Era) by Ibrahim El-Awam tackles sensitive and rarely discussed issue of female homosexuality as though it were a disease

Saratan El-Asr El-Gedeed (Cancer of the New Era), a film by scriptwriter and director Ibrahim El-Awam about female homosexuality in Egypt, will be released soon.

"The film addresses the phenomenon of homosexuality among girls, which proliferates due to the high rate of spinsterhood," El-Awam says.

He points out that the film discusses the phenomenon in a scientific manner, examines causes and treatments, and does not include any explicit scenes.

The film stars Shahira Kamal, Amal Dawoud, Turkish actor Mohammed Issa, Aida El-Nakeeb, and Amr Mohammed, among others.

The film is produced by Mohamed Ibrahim Issa and Ibrahim El-Awam, who was previously honoured at the Moscow Film Festival.

The premiere will be at the Marrakesh Film Festival.

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