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Brad Pitt says he intends to quit acting and turn producer

Famous American actor Brad Pitt says he will quit big screen three years from now when he turns 50

AFP, Tuesday 15 Nov 2011
Brad Pitt
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Views: 1435

Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt signalled his intention Tuesday to move into film production after revealing that he plans to stop acting in three years after he turns 50. Pitt, 47, told a news conference during a visit to South Korea to promote his latest film "Moneyball" that moving into the producer's chair was something that appealed to him.

"I do quite enjoy the producing side," the star of "Fight Club" said, adding that he would like producing films which are difficult to make under the current system or "getting behind talent that we believe in".

Pitt's comments came just days after he said he intended to quit acting when he turns 50. During an interview with an Australian current affairs show in Tokyo broadcast on Sunday, the American actor was asked how much longer he would like to "do your business for".

"Three years," he told the interviewer on "60 Minutes". The actor, who played starring roles in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and "Troy" also told the programme he was content with life.
"I think happiness is overrated, truthfully. I do. I think sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're not. There's too much pressure to be happy," he said. "Satisfied, at peace, those would be more goals for myself."

Pitt, who was married to "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston and now has six children with fellow actor Angelina Jolie, Pitt, told "60 Minutes" that he had not dealt well with fame in the past and was worried about media attention on his children.

"Sure I worry. It's the only thing I get hot about, I'm ready to...fight about," he said. "But on the other hand you know, it's a trade-off, like anything. "And we, these guys, I'm so happy for them, because they get to see the world. And their lives are so enriched by it. The privacy issues are something we're always battling."

Pitt told reporters Tuesday that parenthood meant a changed perspective for him, an interest in taking care of himself and mornings being around for their children and that he enjoyed getting older because age brings wisdom.

"I think, certainly, being a father changed everything for me," he said. "Me personally, I like ageing. With age comes wisdom... I'll take wisdom over youth any day.

Moneyball," an adaptation of Michael Lewis's 2003 bestseller "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game", is scheduled to be released this week in South Korea. Pitt stars as Oakland Athletics baseball team general manager Billy Beane, who took on the big league by assembling a competent team on a shoestring budget -- using a new method to evaluate players and find their hidden talent.

The actor, who rose to prominence in 1991's "Thelma and Louise" and went on to star in "Ocean's Eleven" and "Babel", said the film's box office success elsewhere was not merely celebrity-driven.

"Popularity is good for the opening weekend but what we've been really happy with this film is that it keeps playing weekend after weekend, crossing generations and genders," he said.

"And that tells us we have something more than a film, (more than) a celebrity-driven film or a subject-driven film. It's really a good movie and it's really fun and it's a good laugh and it's got meaning in it."

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