Khaled El-Sawy criticises SCAF and calls for cleansing of Mubarak loyalists from state institutions

Ahram Online, Thursday 17 Nov 2011

Egyptian actor calls for true freedom and social justice, not charity; warns of civil war if revolution fails

Khaled El Sawy
Egyptian actor Khaled El-Sawy. (Photo file)

In an interview with CNN Arabiya, Egyptian actor Khaled El-Sawy has given his thoughts on the January 25 Revolution and Egypt’s ongoing political challenges.

He said the revolutionaries should not have let the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces take power, and should have used legal means to cleanse all state institutions of Mubarak regime loyalists.

He went on to criticise the Mubarak trial, stating it was “ineffective.”

El-Sawy said the solution to Egypt’s problems was real freedom and social justice. “And by social justice I do not mean charity. I mean real social justice that offers people jobs and food without them having to beg for it.

“The base of the pyramid, which represents the majority of people, should be the driving force and not the top of the pyramid. People’s councils should take the lead in studying real problems on the street, unlike parliamentary candidates, who only appear at election time.”

He condemned the closure of some television channels and the suppression of freedom of expression.

“Anyone who tries to oppress the Egyptian people is foolish,” he said. “We are millions and people carry weapons in the street.

“If the revolution does not prevail there will be civil war,” he warned. “But not between Muslims and Christian as some people try to depict, but between those who call for change and those who support the old regime.”

On a separate issue, El-Sawy said the film selection at last month’s Alexandria Film Festival was generally good. However, he refused to give his opinion on the Egyptian films that participated because he was a jury member.

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