Sacha Cohen pokes fun at slain Libyan leader in 'The Dictator'

Ahram Online and Reuters, Tuesday 3 Jan 2012

Star of 'Borat,' 'Bruno' to play Qadaffi-esque tyrant in $58 million film to be released in May


"Borat" and "Bruno" funny man Sacha Baron Cohen is back with his version of “The Dictator,” to be released in cinemas around the world in May. Cohen’s depiction of the protagonist, General Aladeen, is reportedly based on slain Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi.

“The Dictator” tells the story of a tyrant who risks his life to ensure that democracy never arrives to the country he so lovingly oppressed, according to film distributor Paramount Pictures.

The $58 million movie, scheduled to open worldwide on 11 May, is directed by "Seinfeld" veteran Larry Charles, who also directed comedy hits "Borat" and "Bruno." The script was written by British actor/scriptwriter Cohen along with Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel, all of whom are also "Seinfeld" alumni.

Cohen, 39, whipped up controversy with his 2006 faux-documentary "Borat" in which he played an anti-Semitic reporter from Kazakhstan who interacts with “typical” Americans unaware that they are being set up. That film grossed some $260 million worldwide.

A 2009 follow-up film, "Bruno," in which Cohen plays a gay Austrian fashionista, earned about $140 million globally.

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