Call for film submissions for Malmo Arab Film Festival

Ahmed Mahmoud, Saturday 25 Feb 2012

Filmmakers are invited to participate in the 2nd round of the Malmo Arab Film Festival which will take place in Sweden between September and October 2012


The Malmo Arab Film Festival makes a call for film submissions to be screened at their 2nd round between 28 September – 5 October 2012.

The non-profit cultural event takes place in Malmo, Sweden and has the main objective to: “promote understanding and cultural exchange between the Arabic-speaking and other ethnic groups who reside in Sweden, especially in Malmo and Skane," reads the festival’s official web site.

In a world with highly transient populations, cultural understanding it has become a necessity for a positive and successful co-existence, the site propounds.

The festival programme will shed light on an importance of a cultural dialogue between the Arab and Western world.

The organisers make sure to expand beyond just film screenings and incorporate important cultural activities, such as meetings with the filmmakers, actors, directors and technicians.

For example, this edition of the Malmo festival will include a workshop entitled Make a Film in Five Days.

 “Malmo Arab Film Festival sees that there are great opportunities for the festival to provide a platform for meetings between people, Arabic-speaking as well as the Swedish-speaking, both within and between groups.”

Filmmakers interested to participate should refer to the information provided by the festival’s web site HERE.

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