Egyptian film community mourns actor Hassan Hosny on social media

Ahram Online , Sunday 31 May 2020

The best known Egyptian actors and producers used their Twitter accounts to express the sorrow over the passing of Hassan Hosny. They were joined by the international community of artists

Hassan Hosny

Egyptian actors and filmmakers have taken to social media to express their grief over the loss of veteran actor Hassan Hosny, who passed away early on Saturday at the age of 89.

Actress Menna Shalabi wrote on her Twitter account, “[We] lost a father of the many children in the [film] industry,” as she praised Hosny’s unique human character.

“We will miss you,” Youssra expressed on Twitter, reminiscing on “the best times of my life spent with you on a theatre stage when we worked on Lamma Baba Yenam (When Dad Falls Asleep).”

“You left us with a great wealth that will continue to put a smile on our and your audience’s faces,” she added.


إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون..هتوحشني أوي يا خال..قضيت معاك أحلى أوقات عمري على المسرح في لما بابا ينام،رحلت عنا وتركت لنا تراث كبير سوف يظل يرسم البسمة على وجوهنا و وجوه جمهورك العظيم،كنت دائما تسعي لإرضاء جمهورك.. اللهم تغمده برحمتك وارزقه الجنه و نعيمها #حسن_حسني#Youssra #يسرا

— Youssra (@Youssra) May 30, 2020


Calling Hosny “the joker of the cinema, theatre and television,” actor and screenwriter Mahmoud El-Bezzawy wrote: “You will be always present with all your great history, you will be among the most important imprints of your and our generations.”

Actor Ahmed Helmy posted a photo, a still from one of the films in which he acted alongside Hosny, saying that the veteran actor was “like a brother, teacher, friend and father. Though some people may leave us, they continue to live with us and with the coming generations. We will miss you uncle Hassan.”

Cairo-based Tunisian actress Hend Sabry wrote that “the Arab art has lost one of its greatest representatives, who brought happiness to the Arab people since the 1970s. May God have mercy on him and deepest condolences to his family.”



الفنان العظيم #حسن_حسني كان بمثابة الأخ والأستاذ والصديق والأب ، حقيقي في ناس بتروح للي خالقها وبيفارقونا لكن سيرتهم بتفضل خالده وعايشه معانا ومع أجيال تانيه بعدنا .. هتوحشنا ياعم حسن أوي وفي الجنه ونعيمها يارب

— Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy) May 30, 2020


Many other well-known figures from the Egyptian cinema – including Mona Zaki, Asser Yassin, Mohamed Emam, Khaled Youssef, and others – shared photos of Hosny, expressing their sorrow.

The management of El-Gouna Film Festival posted on Twitter: “The great actor left an unforgettable imprint with his contribution in some of the new realism roles. He was regarded as the lucky charm for most cinematic and theatrical comedy productions since the 1990s.”

Equally, the production company Film Clinic managed by Mohamed Hefzy is among the companies taking to Twitter to commemorate Hosny.

The Egyptian cinema field was joined by international artists, such as renowned Syrian singer Assala writing warm words about Hosny on her Twitter account: “He was the father of millions who had never met him. But his energy of love, tenderness and wisdom surrounded him, while his eyes provided safety. May God have mercy on you my father whom I have never met.”


كان أباً لملايين لمّ يلتقوا به يوماً... ولكنّ طاقة الحبّ والحنان والحكمه كانت تحيطه وفي عينيه الطيّبتين الكثير من الأمان... رحم الله والدي الّذي لمّ ألتقيه ولكنّه بطريقته رعاني ...#حسن_حسني_في_ذمه_الله

— Assala (@AssalaOfficial) May 30, 2020


Born in 1931 in Old Cairo, Hosny started acting early in school before he played over 400 roles in film, theatre and TV works with the majority of Egypt’s prestigious writers, directors and actors from different generations.

The very popular actor, especially for his many comedy roles, has been awarded regionally, and during the 40th Cairo Film Festival in 2018 he received the Faten Hamama Appreciation Award. Hosny said he considered the award as the biggest honour of his life, equivalent to winning an Oscar, he said.

فقدت هذه الصناعة أب كبير لجميع أبنائها وفقدنا على المستوى الإنساني أب معطاء بشوش محترم. نسألكم الفاتحة.#حسن_حسني

— Menna Shalaby (@Menna_Shalaby) May 30, 2020




الف رحمه و نور عليك يا عم حسن هاتفضل دايما حاضر بكل تاريخك العظيم .. هاتفضل من اهم علامات جيلك و جيلنا هاتفضل چوكر السينما و المسرح و التليفزيون .. مع السلامة يا عمنا و استاذنا و بابا ♥️ #حسن_حسني

محمود البزاوي (@albezzawy) May 30, 2020




فقد الفن العربي واحدا من كباره وممثليه العظام الذي اسهم في اسعاد الشعب العربي كله منذ سبعينات القرن الماضي وحتي الان.
جمعنا فيلم احلي الاوقات.
رحل الفنان الكبير حسن حسني رحمه الله وخالص العزاء لأسرته

— Hend Sabry - هند صبري (@HendSabry) May 30, 2020





حبيبي اللة يرحمك ويدخلك فسيح جناته هتوحشنا اوي

— Mona Zaki (@monazaki) May 30, 2020




إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون..الله يرحمك يا عم حسن يا جميل يا مبدع يا طيب يا صاحب السيرة الطيبة.#الفاتحة #حسن_حسني

— Asser Yassin (@AsserYassin) May 30, 2020




إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون .. هتوحشنا جداً يا عم حسن .. البقاء لله

— Mohamed Emam (@Mohamed_Emam) May 30, 2020




انا لله وانا اليه راجعون .. الله يرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته #حسن_حسني

— Mohamed Ramadan (@Mohamed_Ramadan) May 30, 2020




هتوحشنا يا عم حسن ...صنع البهجة كان عنوانا ًلحياة #حسن_حسني ..مساحات السعادة التي أضفاها للجمهور العربي ستظل تبحث عمن يملؤها..سنفتقدك فناناً وإنساناً ..الف رحمة ونور عليك ياعم حسن.

— khaled youssef (@KhaledYoussef) May 30, 2020




GFF's team mourns veteran Egyptian comedian Hassan Hosny who passed away today.The great actor left an unforgettable imprint with his contribution in some of the new realism roles.He was regarded as the lucky charm for most cinematic & theatrical comedy productions since the 90's

— El Gouna Film Festival (@ElGounaFilm) May 30, 2020




وداعًا للفنان والأب والصديق.. وداعًا للرائع #حسن_حسني#فيلم_كلينك

— FilmClinic (@FilmClinic) May 30, 2020


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