Tracks of Cairo follows musicians throughout Egypt's revolutionary year

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Apr 2012

Film screening on Monday and Tuesday: Tracks of Cairo, a film follows various musicians in Egypt in the year after the uprising and documents the emerging underground music scene

'Tracks of Cairo' documentary

From January to December 2011, filmmakers Alex Brief and Johannes Roskamm followed Egyptian emerging and established musicians through a documentary showcasing their revolutionary experience and the artistic explosion that followed the 18 days of Egypt's uprising that shook the world.

"What politics failed to do, art can do," asserts Salam Youssri, art director of the Choir Project, as featured in the film.

The film features a diverse range of musicians; from jazz, to electronica, to folk, acoustic, contemporary Egyptian music, rock, electronic music and the Choir Project (formerly known as Cairo's Complaints Choir).

Tracks of Cairo follows Wust El-Balad, Nas Makan, Mohamed Mounir, Haggar and Band, Dina El-Wedidi, Bikya, Fathi Salama, Nancy Mounir, Mohamed Beshir, Maryam Saleh, Mohamed Ragab (Machine Eats Man), Mascara, El-Dor El-Awal, Shehta Karika, Eftekasat, Enraged, Ramy Abadir and the Choir Project.

The film will be screened in the Radio Theatre as part of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, as well as in Townhouse Gallery.



Monday, 2 April, 8:00pm
Radio Theatre
Downtown Cairo, 24 Talaat Harb St
(includes Egyptian Women's concert)

Tracks of Cairo will be screened in two parts on two days at the same location
Day 1, first half
Tuesday, 3 April, 7:00pm
Townhouse Gallery Library

Day 2, second half
Wednesday, 11 April, 7:00pm
Townhouse Gallery Library
Hussein El Memar Pasha St, off Mahmoud Basyouni St

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