Egyptian filmmakers to release 'Jews of Egypt' soon

Ahram Online, Tuesday 15 May 2012

Young Egyptian filmmakers, including Haitham El-Khamissi and Amir Ramses, are to release a collaborative documentary film, 'Jews of Egypt', soon


In the past two days, the trailer of a new documentary film, "Jews of Egypt," spread over the Twitter and Facebook social networks with advice that it is a must-watch of 2012.

Egyptian director Amr Salama said on his Facebook account, "Please watch this film trailer and share."

Jews of Egypt is produced by Haitham El-Khamissi and directed by Amir Ramses. It investigates Jewish society in Egypt prior to Abdel Nasser's rule and focuses on questions of nationality.

During the Nasser regime and following the birth of the Israeli state, Nasser deprived Jews in Egypt of the right to live in the country, deporting them all, claiming that they were a threat to Egypt and were pro-Zionist. Most Egyptian Jews left for Europe, yet their connection to Egypt was never broken, as the subjects interviewed in the film claim.

"Jews of Egypt" also discusses what the local Egyptians — Muslims and Christians — say about the case of Egypt's Jews, and the misinformation that surrounds them to date.

Watch the trailer of "Jews of Egypt" here.

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