Rain fails to dampen mood at Cannes Film Festival

Menna Taher from Cannes, Sunday 27 May 2012

Film festival drawing to a close and festive mood around Cannes gradually thinning

Cannes, photo by Menna Taher

During the festival this year's Cannes Film Festival the whole city seemed to be celebrating, with film posters in every nook and cranny, including a huge carrousel beside the palais.

This year the picture of Marilyn Monroe blowing out a candle was everywhere.

Shop windows also took care of their displays, adding different cinematic devices beside the mannequins.

Film posters, old books and French New Wave magazines of cahier du cinema and photos of film stars could be found at an underground shop beside a church. The shop also sold posters from old films, some going for 100 euros.  

During the day, one could see all kinds of street performances, including break dancers near the port.

Also, many people wore strange costumes, such as a two men wearing suits with blinking lights attached to them.

On several days, colourful fireworks blasted through the night sky with a thundering boom.

Three days of heavy rain threatened to dampen the mood, but whenever the sun returned, the beaches filled up again and the streets brimmed with cinema goers.

Interestingly enough, the festive mood was not shared by the locals and for them, it is a season they hoped would end fast.

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