38th Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries to honour renowned director Mohamed Abdelaziz

Ahram Online , Friday 4 Mar 2022

The Egyptian director will receive a golden medal during the upcoming 38th edition of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries (AFFMC), set to take place between 1 and 7 October 2022

Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Born in 1940, Mohamed Abdelaziz has become one of the most important figures in Egyptian comedic cinema.

Considered a successor of Fatin Abdel Wahab (1913-1972), another important Egyptian film director, Abdelaziz has carved out a strong place for himself in the social comedy genre working with numerous known Egyptian stars including Mahmoud Yassin, Adel Emam, Salah Zulfikar, Nour El Sherif, Samir Sabri, Farid Shawki and Hussein Fahmy, among others. 

After starting his cinematic journey as an assistant director, Abdelaziz began directing himself in the early 1970s. His most notable titles from this era include A World of Children (1976) starring Rushdi Abaza, Ahlan Ya Captain (1978) with Nelly and Samir Sabri and Watch Out for Your Neighbors (1979) starring Adel Emam, Lebleba and Fouad El Mohandes.

He went on to direct many well known films such as Ala Bab El Wazir (1982), Khally Balak Men Aqlak (1985), El Mealema Samah (1989), Ah Wa Ah Mn Shorbat (1992) and Halla Hosh (1997).

In the 1990s, Abdelaziz embarked on directing television series in addition to a few theatre plays. His best known theatrical productions include Mophamed Ali Street (1991) and Afroto (1999)

One of the oldest film festivals in Egypt, the AFFMC also focuses on cultural riches of the Mediterranean basin.

AMFF is and annual event organised by the Egyptian Association for Film Writers and Critics, under the auspices of the ministries of culture, information and tourism.

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