Egyptian comedy star Mohamed Henedy to premiere new movie this week

Eslam Omar , Sunday 25 Dec 2022

Nabil El-Gamil Akhisaay Tagmeel (“Nabil El-Gamil Plastic Surgeon”), starring Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy, will be available on theatre starting Wednesday 28 December.

Nabil El-Gamil


Directed by Khaled Marei, the film also features Nour as well as a number of the most popular current comedians like Mohammed Tharwat, Mahmoud Hafez, Mohamed Sallam and Rahma Ahmed, in addition to veteran actors Hagag Abdel Azim, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Diaa El Merghany, Mohamed El Sawy and Madlyn Tabar.

In the firlm, Henedy portrays Dr. Nabil who go through a series of situations in the beauty clinic he owns.

With over a year having passed since his last film, El-Ens W El-Nems, Henedy has heavily marketed the new movie through his very popular social media accounts.

90s stardom

A pioneer of comedy in Egyptian movies since the 1990s, Henedy dominated the scene after his turning-point movie Saidi Fi El-Gamaa El-Amrikiya (1998).

Born in 1965, Henedy’s stardom grew following short appearances in theatre and cinemas, gaining significant acclaim for his two bigger roles in 1997 films Ismailia Rayeh Gay and Al-Batal.

After establishing his name, he starred many hits like; Hamam fi Amsterdam (1999), directed by Said Hamed; Belya we Demagho El-Alya (2000), by Nader Galal; and Saheb Sahbo (2002), in which he shared the screen with Ashraf Abdel-Baky.

Two decades of hits

In the last two decades, he became among the best actors in the region with many significant films like Gaana Al-Bayan Al-Taly (2001), Askar fil muaskar (2003), Foul El-Seen El-Azeem (2004), Ya Ana Ya Khalty (2005), Wesh Egram (2006), Andaleeb El-Dokki (2007), Ramadan Mabrouk Abou El-Alamin Hammouda (2008), Amir Al-Bahar (2009), Tita Rahiba (2012), Yom Malosh Lazma (2015) an other films.

He has participated in many successful TV series, with Ard El-Nefaq among his latest. Henedy has also starred in many hit plays such as Hazemny Ya, Alabanda, and Afrotto early in his career before returning over 15 years later with Talat Ayam Fil Sahel in 2019.

Henedy has had a big impact on the dubbing arts, providing the voices of Timon, Mike Wazowski and Homer Simpson for the Egyptian versions of The Lion King, Monsters, Inc., and The Simpsons respectively.

More in cinema this week

Nabil El-Gamil Akhisaay Tagmeel will be competing with Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz’s new film Shalaby which is set to be released this week, a week earlier than previously scheduled.

Also available in Egyptian theatres during this busy time of year are Avatar 2: The Way of Water, The Amazing Maurice, Mindcage, Memory Box and other films, in addition to this week’s releases like Shotgun Wedding and The Lair.

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