Mama Maysa: Remembering Egyptian comedian Suad Nasr

Ahram Online , Friday 6 Jan 2023

Thursday marked the 16th anniversary of the death of renowned Egyptian actress and comedy star Suad Nasr, who was nicknamed Mama Maysa by her fans

Suad Nasr


Over her career, she created memorable roles in over 100 works that ranged between theatre, film and television series.

Born in Cairo's Shubra neighborhood in March or December 1953, Suad Nasr wanted to be a journalist but her life trajectory changed upon her enrollment at the High Institute of Theatrical Arts, where she graduated in 1975. Her graduation project was a tragic role in a play titled Yassin and Bahia.

Following her graduation, she started landing numerous roles with the first one being in The Dabash Family, directed by Samir Al-Asfoury. 

Her breakthrough appearances came in films though, with titles such as The Fatal Jealousy and An Egyptian Story, both in 1982. Then came Here Cairo (1985) in which she starred alongside Mohamed Sobhi and was immediately declared a comedy star. 

She continued performing in theatre, landing roles in The Barbaric (1985), The Family of Wanees (1997) as well as in television series with roles in Rehlat Al-Million (1984) and Wanees's Diaries (which first part began in 1994). The latter series saw an unprecedented success among the audiences who gave her a nickname of Mama Maysa, since she portrayed a motherly figure named Maysa.

In 2004, Nasr was offered one of the most important roles in her career, in Alexandria-New York directed by Youssef Chahine. Her last appearance was in Life is the Ultimate Pleasure (2005).

Nasr underwent a liposuction procedure in 2006 in one of Cairo hospitals, but fell into a coma after being anesthetised. She remained in the coma a year and eventually passed away on 5 January 2007. The family filed a case against the anesthesiologist, who was sentenced three years imprisonment. However, he was released on bail and the charges were dropped.

Nasr left behind two children, a son Tarek and a daughter Fairouz, that she had with her first husband, artist Ahmed Abdul Wareth. Her second husband, was the petroleum engineer, Mohamed Abdel-Moneim.

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