Luxor African Film Festival launches 12th edition

ِAhram Online, Saturday 4 Feb 2023

The 12th edition of the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) kicked off on Saturday in the great southern Egyptian city of Luxor with the attendance of dozens of celebrities, filmmakers and critics.

Luxor African Film Festival
Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan honoured during the opening of Luxor African Film Festival


Running until 10 February, the LAFF will host screenings of over 50 films from 31 countries participating in its various competitions and parallel programs, as well as a number of talks and seminars.

During the opening, the festival’s organisers honoured Egyptian actors Mohamed Ramadan and Hala Sedky, Egyptian composer Hesham Nazih, Senegalese director Mansour Sora Wade, and Mozambican producer Pedro Pimenta.

A number of late artists were also celebrated, including Egyptian actor Salah Mansour, Algerian actress Chafia Boudraa, and Tunisian actor Hichem Rostom.

LAFF will pay tribute to Senegalese cinema and its filmmakers, as Senegal is the country guest of honour for this edition.

Under the helm of the LAFF founder, scriptwriter Sayed Fouad, the festival is hosting 10 cinema workshops in different disciplines.

Many prominent African filmmakers and actors are members of the various juries.

With 12 films competing, the long narrative and documentary film jury committee comprises Senegalese director Mansour Sora Wade, Tunisian director Sonia Chamkhi, Moroccan actress Amal Ayouch, Egyptian screenwriter Abdel-Rahim Kamal, and Egyptian producer Mohamed Hefzy.

The slogan of LAFF's 12th edition is ‘Cinema is the Quest of Immortality’. This slogan is reflected in the festival’s poster design by Mahmoud Ismail Abou Al-Enin, which depicts boats sailing towards the sun and to the Nile's West bank of Luxor, where funerary temples and tombs are filled with inscriptions representing ancient beliefs in eternal life after death.

With Filmmaker Azza Elhosseiny as LAFF’s co-founder and executive director, star Mahmoud Hemeida continues as the honorary president in this edition.

Since its founding, the festival has aimed “to spread awareness about the importance of cinema in Africa and the world.”

In its eleventh edition, the LAFF screened 45 films from 35 countries in the competitive segments.

The LAFF is organised by the Independent Shabab Foundation with the support of the Egyptian ministries of culture, tourism and antiquities. LAFF also takes place in cooperation with Luxor governorate, the Film Syndicate, and numerous sponsors.

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