Romance on top as Ana Le Habibi hits Egyptian theatres

Eslam Omar , Saturday 18 Feb 2023

New Egyptian romance Ana Le Habibi (I’m For My Lover), featuring Yasmin Raeis and Karim Fahmy, is the top hit in Egyptian theatres in a month packed with comedy hits.

Ana Le Habibi
A shot from Hadi El-Bagoury s new romance Ana Le Habibi , featuring Karim Fahmy and Yasmin Raeis

Produced by Ahmed El-Sobky, the 95-minute romantic feature is directed by Hadi El-Bagoury of The Guest (2019) and Hepta (2016).

The film also stars Mohamed Al-Sharnouby, Ahmed Hatem, Bayoumi Fouad, Sawsan Badr and Mohsen Mohieddin.

Written by Mahmoud Zahran, Ana Le Habibi tells the story of Laila, portrayed by Raeis, who faces fears of loneliness and gets involved in love stories.

Ana Le Habibi has reportedly garnered almost 7 million EGP in two weeks, reaching the top of the box office this weekend.

The romantic film is facing tough competition with a number of star-backed comedy features released earlier, including Ramez Galal's Akhi Fok El Shagara (My Brother is On the Tree), Mohamed Henedy’s Nabil El-Gamil Akhisaay Tagmeel (Nabil El-Gamil Plastic Surgeon), football comedy El-Matareed, and director Peter Mimi’s Shalaby starring Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz.

The film is also competing with foreign hits like Hollywood record-breaker Avatar: The Way of Water, as well as Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Titanic (25th anniversary) among other hits, in addition to first Saudi film in Egyptian theatres Alhamour H.A.


Most known for Dido (2021), Ali Baba (2018) and Hassan Wa Bo'loz (2016), Karim Fahmy has recently been in the spotlight for his role in top-streamed Shahid-VIP TV series Azmat Montasaf Al Omr. The show is gaining notable attention and his character is causing controversy on social media over his multiple and taboo affairs.

Yasmin Raeis, who gained fame for her role in director Mohamed Khan’s award-winning film Factory Girl, stars in Khetet Mazinger (2022), which is currently also among the top streams on Shahid-VIP.

Her filmography includes notable films like El-Hareth (2020), Lees Baghdad (2020), Kiss Me Not (2018), Al-Bahth An Um Kalthoum (2017), Sheikh Jackson (2017) and Hepta (2016), among others.

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