The returning El Gouna Film Festival will feature restored Sudanese gems

Ahram Online , Monday 4 Sep 2023

The 6th edition of El Gouna Film Festival, slated for 13-20 October, will screen a collection of meticulously restored short and medium-length Sudanese films in its Special Presentations section.



The memorable works were restored by the Sudanese Film Group (SFG) in cooperation with the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art.

SFG was founded in 1989 by three Sudanese filmmakers - Eltayeb Mahdi, Ibrahim Shaddad, and Suliman Elnour - who wanted to find an escape from "the constraints of Sudanese state-sponsored filmmaking" at the time.

These works will "bring to light the ingenious narratives and metaphorical richness that was nearly lost to history," read a press release by the international festival as it returns to its home in the popular Red Sea resort after a one-year hiatus.

Wait for:

Africa, the Jungle, Drums and Revolution by Suliman Elnour (Soviet Union, 1979) - 12 Min, An exploration of Africa's representation in Soviet society.

The Tomb by Eltayeb Mahdi (Egypt, 1977) - 16 Min. A tale of a man with healing powers.

The Rope by Ibrahim Shaddad (Sudan, 1985) 31 Min. A story of two blind men and a donkey navigating the desert.

The Station by Eltayeb Mahdi (Sudan, 1989) 15 Min - A depiction of encounters at a crossroads in Sudan.

Four Times for Children by Eltayeb Mahdi (Sudan, 1979) 20 Min. An insightful look into the lives of children with disabilities.

Hunting Party by Ibrahim Shaddad (German Democratic Republic, 1964) 40 Min. A powerful commentary on racism.

A Camel by Ibrahim Shaddad (Sudan, 1981) 13 Min. A moving portrait of a camel's life and its parallel with human struggle.

It Still Rotates by Suliman Elnour (Soviet Union, 1978) 18 Min. A snapshot of life in a Yemeni school.

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